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Tuesday night sessions have now reverted to 7pm but please don't arrive before 6:45pm as the gates will not be open. If arriving early please don't block the gate.

A&D Out In Force for Canterbury 10

Ssangyong Canterbury 10  –  Sunday 21st January 2018

Ashford & District RRC were out in force for this year’s Ssangyong Canterbury 10 mile road race. The event, which saw nearly 1400 participants enter, was won by Invicta East Kent’s Abel Tsegay in 51m:12s.

First home for A&D was Jon Pearce in an impressive time of 59m:30s in 21st place. Trevor Kay was next up finishing in 1hr:02m:53s followed by Julius Samson in a personal best of 1hr:04m:13s in 54th. Jon Wells finished in a PB of 1hr:05:58s in 78th with Paul Moses in 1hr:06m:14s in 80th.

Scott Lynch was next to cross the line in 1hr:07:51s (112th) with Adrian Moody finishing in 1hr:11m:58s (186th) and Rob Barton, in his 1st race back from injury, finished in 1hr:13m:01s (217th).

Christine Costiff was 1st lady home for the club and 1st in category with a time of 1hr:14m:54s (264th), Danyel Carter was not far behind in 1hr:15m:45s (291st). Stuart Nunn finished in a PB time of 1hr:17m:48s (368th), Gill O’Connor in 1hr:18m:19s (385th), Elodie Paviot PB’d in 1hr:20m:16s (443rd), Rhian Shrimplin was just behind in 1hr:20m:23s (449th) and Brad Bunk in 1hr:21m:24s (483rd).

Mark Boorer, completing his 1st race for the club, finished in a PB time of 1hr:26m:48s (656th), Steve Hickman in 1hr:28m:08s (693rd), Heather Johnston continued her impressive form and PB’d in 1hr:28:20s (701st), Jaclyn Kay in a PB of 1hr:28m:57s.Keith Lynn, also making his debut for the club finished in 1hr:36m:27s (945th), Lucy Johnstone in a PB of 1hr:38m:40s (994th), Sue Reader finished in 1hr:39m:50s (1037th) and Sarah Homewood in 1hr:41m:09s (1071st).

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 20th January 2018

Dean Bracken finished 6th in the latest Ashford Parkrun event in a time of 20m:40s followed by Carl Ireland in 21m:52s (13th), James Chapman in 22m:39s (21st) and Mark Carlton in 22m:40s (22nd).

Scott Lynch crossed the line in 23m:25s (31st), Rod Kessack in 23m:29s (34th), followed by a trio of A&D runners in quick succession, Paul Moses 23m:55s (43rd), Danyel Carter 24m:15s (44th) and Will Whittington 24m:18s (45th).

Sandi Mortimer achieved a personal best of 24m:57s (51st) followed by Mark Attenborough in 24m:59s (53rd) Claire Green finished in 26m:22s (65th), John Fidge in 27m:21s (85th), Ann Fidge 30m:33s (122nd), Becky Hodgson 33m:38s (142nd) and Julie Foster in 47m:24s (185th).

Meanwhile, Terry Sellen travelled to Humberside to take part in the Hull parkrun finishing in 24m:52s (128th).

By Mark Carlton

A&D Trio Excel in Ultra​​ Saturday 13th January 2018

Country to Capital Ultra  –  Saturday 13th January 2018

Ashford & District RRC had 3 participants in the Country to Capital 45 mile Ultra at the weekend. The race begun in the market town of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, taking in the surrounding countryside well into the M25 then picking up the Grand Union Canal tow path into London finishing at Little Venice.

Mark Attenborough finished 1st for the club in 7hrs:47m. Edward Rodger completed the 45 miles in 9hrs:16m and Helen Weeden completed the trios’ impressive feat in 10hrs:11m.

SVN Cakeathon – Saturday 13th January 2018

Becky Hodgson took on the wonderfully titled Winter Cakeathon, completing 5 laps of Betteshangar Nature Reserve course, 16.4 miles in total in 3hrs:33m:40s.

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 13th January 2018

Trevor Kay returned to winning ways finishing 1st at the towns parkrun in 18m:54s. Meanwhile Paul Moses completed his 150th parkrun in 3rd in a time of 19m:37s. Scott Lynch was next for the club finishing 6th in 20m:21s and Richard Baker crossed the line in 7th in 20m:35s.

Carl Ireland completed the course in 21m:40s (14th), Chris Boyce followed in 21m:44s (15th) with Rob Barton in 21m:54s (18th). James Chapman finished in 22m:47s (29th) and Gill Pragnell was 1st lady home for the club in 22m:53s (35th).

Terry Sellen crossed the line next in 23m:13s (38th), Rod Kessack 23m:31s (45th), Will Whittington 24m:21s (50th), Jaclyn Kay 25m:33s (64th), Aaron Homewood 26m:12s (78th), Elodie Paviot 27m:10s (102nd), John Fidge 27m:11s (103rd), Sue Reader 27m:13s (104th), Lucy Johnstone 27m:35s (111th), Sandi Mortimer 27m:53s (122nd), Andrew Smith 28m:34s (136th) Ann Fidge 30m:30s (169th) and Julie Foster, completing her 125th parkrun in 43m:06s (247th).

Meanwhile Christine and Nigel Costiff completed the Plymvalley parkrun in 24m:06s (25th – 1st lady) and 37m:46s (224th) respectively. Gill O’Connor finished the Riddlesdown parkrun in 25m:45s (50th).

By Mark Carlton

Kent County Cross Country Championships – Saturday 06th January 2018

Kent County Cross Country Championships – Saturday 06th January 2018
Held on the grounds of the iconic Brands Hatch racing circuit, the Kent County Cross Country Championships took place this weekend in bitterly cold conditions.
Robert Latala finished the 7.4 mile course in an impressive 10th place overall, considering the strength of the field, in a time of 40m:47s. Jon Pearce followed in 67th place in 45m:53s with Julius Samson next in 100th place in 48m:50s. Jon Wells wasn’t far behind in 49m:14s (106th) followed by Daniel Green in 49m:34s (109th) and Paul Moses in 50m:04s (115th). Trevor Kay was next in 50m:20s (120th) being chased down by Scott Lynch in 50m:29s (124th). Adrian Moody finished in 52m:17s (145th) with Chris Boyce in 54m:27s (166th), Stuart Nunn in 1hr:00m:58s (198th) and William Whittington in 1hr:05m:05s (212th).
Overall in the team events A&D Men finished 5th overall (out of 6 teams eligible) in the 12 members to score event. In the Team 6 to score, A&D Men finished 8th out of 16.
In the 5.2 mile Womens event Danyel Carter was 1st home for the club in 40m:35s (68th) with Rhian Shrimplin not far behind in 42m:43s (89th). Helen Weeden followed in 48m:17s (113th) with Lucy Johnstone in 48m:50s (115th), Sue Reader in 50m:47s (118th) and Becky Hodgson in 55m:48s (127th).
With a strong field, the A&D Womens team finished 8th (out of 8 teams eligible) in the team 6 to score event and 18th (out of 18) in the team 3 to score event.
Ashford Parkrun – Saturday 06th January 2018
Richard Baker came home 1st for the club in the 1st parkrun of the new year in a time of 20m:45s (12th overall), Mark Attenborough followed in 22m:26s (34th) and Rob Barton, returning from injury, finishing in 22m:40s (37th) with James Chapman close behind in 22m:41s (38th) as well as Carl Ireland in 22m:43s (39th).
Rod Kessack finished in 23m:04s (44th) and Elodie Paviot was 1st lady home for the club in 23m:37s (47th). Mark Boorer crossed the line next in 24m:01s (48th), Jaclyn Kay in 25m:26s (65th), John Fidge in 28m:30s (126th) and Julie Foster in 48m:13s (236th).
Meanwhile, Gill O’Connor completed the Riddlesdown parkrun in 26m:11s finishing 35th overall.
By Mark Carlton

Plain Crazy – Wednesday 27th December 2017

Plain Crazy –  Wednesday 27th December 2017

Rhian Shrimplin blew away the Christmas cobwebs with a cross country run across the Salisbury plains in Wiltshire. The 12.5 mile course has been described as ‘hilly, cold, scenic, desolate and windy’ but Rhian completed the snowy course in 1hr:55m:59s and finished 8th female overall.

The Abominable Snowman 10 miler – Saturday 30th December 2017

Steve Hickman completed the extreme cross country Abominable Snowman 10 miler on the Isle of Wight in 2hrs:17m:24s finishing 111th overall despite a rather nasty fall early on in proceedings. Hickman had to contend with some wet conditions as well as some rather impressive undulating hills.

Fowlmead Challenge and New Years Day Marathon – Sunday 31st December 2017 & Monday 1st January 2018

Jon Wells ran the Fowlmead Challenge on New Years Eve. The event, which is held at Betteshanger Country Park, consists of 4.5 mile loops of the off-road course and the aim is to complete as many laps within the 6 hour time limit. Wells completed the marathon distance in challenging conditions in 4hrs:21m:43s.

The following day, Rik Holden completed the New Years Day Marathon at the same venue, however this time on tarmac in 3hrs:55m:57s finishing 10th overall.

Lamberhurst New Years Day Run – Monday 1st January 2018

Adrian Moody completed the annual New Years Day race in Lamberhurst finishing the 10k in 44m:25s, 29th position overall.

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 30th December 2017

The last parkrun of the year saw Ashford & District runners feature heavily on the leaderboard with Jon Pearce finishing 2nd overall for the club in 18m:00s.

Julius Samson was just over a minute behind Pearce finishing 6th overall in 19m:05s with Dan Green hot on his heels in 7th in a time of 19m:07s. Jon Wells then crossed the line in 19m:20s (9th), Paul Moses in 19m:33s (12th) and Scott Lynch in 19m:46s (13th).

Rod Kessack was next to cross the line in 22m:49s (35th) followed by Terry Sellen in 23m:05s (38th), Stuart Nunn 24m:17s (52nd), Mark Harrison 24m:41s (56th) and Mark Boorer 24m:45s (58th).

Jaclyn Kay was 1st female home for the club in 25m:21s (61st), William Whittington in 25m:40s (65th), Heather Johnston in a PB time of 26m:12s (71st), Sandi Mortimer 26m:13s (73rd), John Fidge 27m:23s (84th), Lucy Johnstone 28m:49s (107th), Sarah Homewood 28m:52s (108th), Ann Fidge 30m:48s (136th), Chloe and Claire Green 33m:08s (156th) and 33m:10s (157th) and Raymond Morley 50m:40s (190th).

Meanwhile around the country, Robert Latala won the Folkestone parkrun in 17m:20s, Gill O’ Connor ran the Riddlesdown parkrun in 26m:37s (39th) and Christine Costiff completed the Melton Mowbray parkrun in 22m:45s (14th) In addition Costiff also completed the Rutland Water parkrun on New Years Day in 22m:24s.

Several events held an additional New Years Day parkrun and due to the staggered start times some of our members were able to take in 2 events, completing a parkrun double –

Daniel Green completed Maidstone parkrun in 22m:26s (62nd) and Shorne Woods parkrun in 19m:53s (12th). Tom Green in 22m:24s (61st) and 25m:29s (101st), Terry Sellen 23m:41s (86th) and 25m:30s (102nd), Claire Green 27m:51s (183rd) and 32m:47s (300th)  and Chloe Green 31m:31s (267th) and 33m:52s (325th).

By Mark Carlton

Ashford Parkrun – Saturday 23rd December 2017 & Monday 25th December 2017

Ashford & District RRC were out in force at the town’s parkrun over the past weekend and Christmas period. Saturdays event saw Robert Latala come home in 1st place in 16m:21s, followed in 6th by Trevor Kay in 17m:51s with Keith Haynes, 15th in 20m:50s.

Mark Attenborough finished in 20th in 21m:46s, Scott Lynch 22nd in 22m:01s and Ricky Hickman 27th in 22m:41s. James Chapman was next to cross the line in 23m:02 (33rd), Mark Boorer 23m:41s (41st), Rod Kessack 23m:44s (42nd) and Terry Sellen 23m:48s (43rd).

Elodie Paviot, 1st lady home for the club, finished in 24m:24s in 50th position, William Whittington was next in 25m:34s (60th), Andrew Smith 29m:18s (107th), Lucy Johnstone 44m:13s (158th) and Becky Hodgson in 56m:31s (172nd).

Meanwhile, around the country, Gill O’Connor finished the Riddlesdown parkrun in 25m:29s (57th), Jon Wells completed the Hillsborough parkrun, Sheffield in 19m:16s (9th) and CJ Lattimer came 5th overall at the Rutland Water parkrun in 18m:12s.

200 runners completed the annual Ashford Christmas day parkrun with Robert Latala completing the double by once again finishing 1st in 16m:53s with Carl Jones crossing the line in 18m:33s in 5th position. Jon Wells came home in 12th in 19m:23s. Julian Samson & Paul Moses finished in 20m:12s (17th) and 20m:14s (18th) respectively.

James Chapman in 22m:54s (37th), Aaron Homewood in a PB time of 23m:00s (40th), William Whittington 24m:47s (52nd), Sandi Mortimer 26m:09s (72nd), Steve Hickman 27m:21s (86th) Helen Weeden 27m:27s (88th), Mark Boorer 28m:20s (102nd), Kevan James 29m:17s (116th) and Becky Hodgson 48m:04s (200th).

The Saltwood Boxing Day Run – Tuesday 26th December 2017

The ever popular Saltwood Boxing Day run saw 4 A&D runners compete with Julius Samson finishing 1st for the club in 15th position in 19m:39s followed by Jon Wells in 20m:07s (21st), A&D junior Connor Samson crossed the line in 22m:24s (68th) and Steve Hickman in 31m:01s (334th).

Interclub Christmas Eve Run

Over 40 members of Ashford & District RRC, Ashford Tri Club, Ashford AC and Folkestone Running Club took part in the annual Christmas Eve run from Hythe to Port Lympne Zoo and back. The recent wet weather made parts of the hilly, off-road course particularly challenging for all involved. With no prize or bragging rights at stake this enjoyable run is now a firm fixture in the calendar.

By Mark Carlton​​

The Usual Suspects Challenge, Samphire Hoe – Saturday & Sunday 16th/17th December 2017

The Usual Suspects Challenge, Samphire Hoe – Saturday & Sunday 16th/17th December 2017

Rik Holden achieved an impressive marathon double this weekend completing the 26.2 mile distance on Saturday and Sunday. Holden completed The Usual Suspects challenge held at Samphire Hoe, near Dover, finishing the 1st day in 0​​4hrs:01m:12s followed by 04hrs:25m:06s on day 2. Holden will now take on the Dymchurch Marathon next weekend.

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon – Sunday 17th December 2017

Steve Hickman completed his 144th marathon overall at the Portsmouth Coastal Marathon on Sunday. The course, which as the name suggests, takes in the coastal route around Portsmouth and Hayling Island proved to be a difficult task this year with added icy conditions, however Hickman finished in a creditable 04hrs:27m:35s.

The Christmas Pudding Dash – Saturday 16th December 2017

Christine Costiff and Gill O’Connor completed The Christmas Pudding Dash, 5 miler on Saturday. The East Sussex cross country course proved to be undulating and muddy with Christine Costiff finishing 46th overall and 1st in age category in 41m:16s and Gill O’Connor just behind in 48th in 41m:19s, 2nd in age category.

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 16th  December 2017

Trevor Kay’s return to form from injury was completed on Saturday as he strode to victory in the town’s latest parkrun. He was chased down by 3 team mates with A&D dominating the top 5 finishing positions.

Kay finished in 18m:27s followed by Jon Wells in 18m:59s and Paul Moses in 19m:26s. Scott Lynch crossed the line in 4th in a time of 19m:31s.

A&D junior Tom Green finished next in an impressive PB time of 21m:31s, 14th overall and Dan Green in 21m:32s in 15th. Richard Baker completed the top 20 in 22m:08s with James Chapman in 22m:43s (25th). Terry Sellen was next to cross the line in 23m:07s (29th) and Rod Kessack in 23m:42s finishing 35th.

Sandi Mortimer came home for the club in 25m:46s (48th) with John and Ann Fidge finishing in 29m:04s (88th) and 30m:01s (93rd) respectively.

Meanwhile Anthony Brown took on the Folkestone parkrun, finishing 21st overall in 22m:27s.

By Mark Carlton

Maidstone Harriers Turkey Run – Sunday 10th December 2017

Maidstone Harriers Turkey Run – Sunday 10th December 2017

Adrian Moody and Sue Reader completed the popular 6.5 mile Turkey Run in 50m:12s and 1hr:12m:05s respectively. The course, which is largely ran off-road proved to be a difficult proposition on Sunday morning with the inclement freezing rain, strong winds and muddy conditions.

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 09th  December 2017

Paul Moses finished just inside the top 10 at the towns Parkrun on a cold Saturday morning finishing in 19m:47s. Richard Baker and Carl Ireland crossed the line in 21m:07s (18th) and 21m:22s (19th) respectively to complete the top 20.

Gill Pragnell was the first female to finish overall in a time of 22m:11s (23rd) with Terry Sellen just behind in 22m:14s (24th). Rod Kessack was next to finish in 23m:04s (35th) with William Whittington in 24m:17s (45th).

John Fidge was next home for the club in 27m:29s (75th) with Ann Fidge in 29m:12s (102nd) and Becky Hodgson in 33m:07s (126th).

Meanwhile Jon Wells took on the Maidstone parkrun, finishing 8th overall in 19m:12s whilst Gill O’Connor completed the Riddlesdown, Croydon parkrun in 23m:46s finishing 32nd.

By Mark Carlton

Kent Veterans Cross Country Championship – Saturday 02nd December 2017

Kent Veterans Cross Country Championship – Saturday 02nd December 2017

It was another busy weekend of Cross Country action for Ashford & District RRC. In the Men’s 40-49 category, Daniel Green finished the 5.3 mile course in Central Park, Dartford in 33m:37s (35th) Julius Samson followed closely behind in 34m:42s (42nd), Jon Wells finished in 34m:52s (44th) and Richard Baker crossed the line in 36m:38s (59th). Overall the Men’s team came 8th (out of 12).

In the Women’s 35-44 category, the 3 mile course saw Lucy Johnstone finish 1st for the club in 25m:06s (43rd) and Sue Reader, women’s vice-captain, in 27m:50s (45th).

Scott Lynch, men’s club captain, came home 1st for the club in the Men’s 50-59 category in a time of 35m:30s (23rd) with Paul Moses close behind in 35m:46s (27th) and Adrian Moody in 37m:45s (43rd). The men’s team also came 8th overall in the team competition.

Finally, Helen Weeden was 1st for the club in the Women’s 45-54 category in 25m:23s (43rd) and Becky Hodgson in 28m:43s (48th).

Fowlmead Challenge– Saturday 02nd December 2017

Mark Attenborough successfully completed 7 laps of the 4.37 mile Fowlmead  trail challenge (31.1 miles in  total) at Betteshangar Country Park in a time of 5hrs:12m:43s finishing 4thoverall.

Lanzarote 4 Day Challenge

Christine Costiff finished 2nd in category completing a 10k race on day one followed by an 8 mile hilly, trail run. The 3rd day saw Costiff take on a sandy 5K beach run and finished off with a half marathon on day 4.

Thanet 10 mile – Sunday 03rd December 2017

Steve Hickman took part in the Alan Green Memorial 10 mile race along Westgate Pavillion on Sunday finishing 185th overall in a time of 1hr:28m:28s

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 2nd December 2017

Ashford & District RRC featured prominently at the top of the leader board at the towns latest parkrun. Robert Latala breezed home in 1st place in 17m:34s with Carl Jones just over a minute behind in 3rd place in 18m:39s.

Chris Boyce continued his return to form, aiming to dip under 19 minutes, but coming up just short in 5th place in 19m:01s. Trevor Kay, returning from injury, finished 7th in 19:04s.

Keith Haynes followed, just outside the top 10 in 11th place in 20m:39s and Dean Bracken finished 13th in 20m:50s. Mark Carlton and James Chapman crossed the line in 21st and 22ndposition in 21m:58s and 22m:26s respectively with Mark Harrison in 29th place, 23m:00s,Rod Kessack in 32nd in 23m:07s and Jaclyn Kay in 25m:50s (52nd).

By Mark Carlton

Brett Owler Marathon / Half Marathon / 10k – Sunday 26th November 2017

Brett Owler Marathon / Half Marathon / 10k – Sunday 26th November 2017 
]Rik Holden completed the multi-lap, multi-terrain Brett Owler Marathon finishing 10th overall in a time of 3hrs:38m:28s as the lone entrant from the club. Filiz Salih was first home for the club in the Half Marathon in 1hr:57m:59s and finishing 66th overall and Becky Hodgson finished in a personal best of 2hrs:35m:33s.
Meanwhile in the 10k event, Scott Lynch finished 5th overall despite taking a mile long detour in a time of 48m:08s. Gill Pragnell took the honour of being 1st lady home overall, completing the course in 48m:35s. Heather Johnston finished 36th in a time of 59m:01s and Shelly Blake crossed the line in 1hr:00m37s (42nd).
Kent League Women’s Cross Country– Saturday 25th November 2017
The 3rd round of fixtures held at Danson Park in Bexley saw Lucy Johnstone finish 1st for the club in 26m:10s (120th), Helen Weeden followed in 27m:33s (131st), Emma Hargreaves finished in 28m:36s (140th) and shortly followed by Sue Reader in 28m:43s (142nd).
The womens team currently lie 16th (out of 21) overall after 3 fixtures.
Ashford Tri Club 666 – Sunday 26th November 2017
Held in Kings Wood, Challock, the Ashford Tri Club 666 Trail run saw Dan Green cross the line in 3rd overall in a time of 49m:25s, Jon Wells followed in 4th with a time of49m:44s. Paul Moses and Chris Boyce finished 11th in 53m:00 and 12th in 53m:52s respectively and Adrian Moody completed the tough course in 55m:23s, 15th overall.
Hayling Island 10 mile – Sunday 26th November 2017
Steve Hickman travelled to Hampshire for the Hayling Island 10 mile and completed the course in 1hr:28m:17s.
Ashford Parkrun – Saturday 25th November 2017
On a rather chilly morning, 184 hardy souls braved the near sub-zero conditions with Keith Haynes finishing 1st for the club in 10th position in a time of 20m:34s.Carl Ireland set a personal best in 18th, Ricky Hickman (19th) and Paul Moses (20th) completing the top 20 in 21m:10s, 21m:41s and 21m:43s respectively.
Richard Baker finished 25th overall in 22m:07s swiftly followed by James Chapman in 22m:08s (26th) and Terry Sellen in 22m:18s (27th).Pat Butler crossed the line in 22m:42s (31st) with Rod Kessack in 23m:36s (40th). John and Ann Fidge finished in 28m:21s (100th) and 28m:53s (106th) respectively and Heather Johnston, completing tail-runner duties finished in 57m:15s.
Meanwhile, around the country, Gill O’Connor competed in the Bournemouth parkrun, finishing 74th overall in a time of 22m:40s whilst Mark Carlton took on the Folkestone parkrun and finished 23rd in a personal best of 21m:39s.
By Mark Carlton