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The Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5 & 10k – Friday 17th August 2018

The Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5 & 10k – Friday 17th August 2018

The Podplus Ashford Summer Series drew to a close on Friday night with A&D RRC well represented across both race categories.

Carl Jones finished 2nd in the 10k race in a time of 35m:29s, followed by Trevor Kay in 36m:36s (3rd). Ryan Edwards crossed the line in 40m:47s (6th), Keith Haynes was up next in 42m:20s (9th) with Gill O’Connor coming home 1st in age category in 46m:39s (17th), Jaclyn Kay completed the line up in 53m:32s (27th).

The 5k race was dominated by A&D as 8 out of the top 10 finishing positions were claimed by club members.

Dan Green won the race in 17m:48s, he was followed by Rob Barton in 18m:44s (2nd),

Scott Lynch in 19m:30s (3rd), Mark Attenborough 19m:58s (4th), Becky Macey was 1st lady home in 21m:02s (6th), Stuart Nunn in 21m:45s (7th), Aaron Homewood 23m:03s (9th) and Shaun Snowwolf-Harris in 24m:20s (10th).

Mark Cleworth crossed the line next in 24m:20s (11th), Sandi Mortimer finished 1st in age category in 24m:22s (12th), Sarah Homewood in 27m:12s (17th) and Lucy Johnstone in 28m:18s (20th).

Aylesham 10k – Sunday 19th August 2018

Scott Lynch and Adrian Moody took on the Aylesham 10k on Sunday. The hilly course was made more difficult on the day by a stiff wind but Lynch managed to complete the course in 42m:13s finishing 4th. Meanwhile Moody crossed the line in 45m:45s in 11th place.

The Bath Two Tunnels Half Marathon & 10k – Sunday 19th August 2018

Rhian Shrimplin and Anthony Brown travelled to Bath for the Two Tunnels Half Marathon and 10k respectively. The race takes in some of Bath’s beautiful attractions as well as boasting the longest underground section of any running race in the UK. The disused railway tunnels have now been converted into a shared space for cyclists, runners and walkers.

Rhian Shrimplin completed the half marathon in 1hr:56m:28s and Anthony Brown finished the 10k in 45m:28s.

Ashford Parkrun  -Saturday 18th August 2018

Dean Bracken made a return to parkrun and finished 11th for the club on Saturday in a time of 20m:31s. He was followed by Tom Green in a new personal best of 20m:39s (13th), Dan Green in 20m:40s (14th), Mark Harrison in a personal best of 20m:42s (15th), Paul Moses in 20m:43s (16th) and Mark Attenborough in 20m:57s (18th).

Mark Carlton finished in 22m:35s (31st) with Don Dewar in 23m:07s (37th), Neil Woodham in 23m:26s (41st), Scott Lynch in 23m:41s (48th), Filiz Salih 23m:42s (49th), Jon Wells 23m:50s, John Fidge 25m:36s, Keith Lynn 26m:41s, Chloe Green 26m:57s, Becky Hodgson 31m:13s, Ann Fidge 32m:19s and Rod Kessack 55m:01s.

Meanwhile, around the country, Anthony Brown completed the Poole parkrun in 26m:08s, Rachel Jenkins ran the Weymouth event in 30m:54s, Terry Sellen travelled to Bognor Regis and ran 23m:48s, Shelly Blake ran the Lancaster event in 32m:53s, Andrew Noble finished 6th in Foots Cray in 19m:44s and Sarah Taylor ran the Malling parkrun in 34m:20s . Closer to home, Jon Pearce came 1st in the Folkestone parkrun in a time of 17m:09s followed by Rob Barton in 19m:15s (9th), Shaun Snowwolf-Harris 25m:38s, Deborah Payne 34m:37s and Emma Jenkins in 36m:07s.

By Mark Carlton

Thames Meander Marathon – Saturday 11th August 2018

Thames Meander Marathon – Saturday 11th August 2018

Ashford & District’s Rik Holden took on the flat, scenic Thames Meander trail marathon on Saturday. As the race titles suggests, this marathon meanders along the Thames path, starting and finishing in Kingston-upon-Thames. Holden completed the course in 3hrs:41m:57s.


Brett Owler Half Marathon – Sunday 12th August 2018

The summer version of the Brett Owler Half Marathon took place on Sunday. The multi-terrain race which starts and finishes at the Julie Rose Stadium was ran by A&D’s Filiz Salih, who finished in 2hrs:02m:25s and Keith Lynn, who ran 2hrs:11m:46s.

Mount Ephraim 10k – Sunday 12th August 2018

Ashford & District RRC were well represented at the Mount Ephraim 10k on Sunday with 6 club members taking part. Chris Boyce was 1st home for the club in 44m:43s (19th), followed by Adrian Moody in 46m:33s (29th). Anthony Brown was next up in 48m:26s (45th) and Rhian Shrimplin in 50m:10s. Hugh Scarlin crossed the line in 1hr:08m:13s with Sarah Taylor in 1hr:11m:47s.

Ashford Parkrun  -Saturday 11th August 2018

This week’s parkrun was organised by Ashford & District RRC with the club supplying pacemakers for various times from sub 19 minutes up to and including 33 minutes. The club also provided the marshals and plenty of cake. The event produced 61 personal best times from 259 runners.

Dan Green finished in 19m:44s in 8th position for the club with Chris Boyce and Pauls Moses  following in 20m:59s (18th) and 21m:02s (19th) respectively. Paul Brasington and Jon Wells were up next in 22m:05s (30th) and 22m:06s (31st).

Mark Attenborough crossed the line in 22m:59s, Terry Sellen in 23m:10s and Adrian Beresford, completing his 1st parkrun in 23m:28s.

Will Whittington finished in 23m:56s, Dean Bracken in 24m:08s, Keith Haynes 24m:47s, Shaun Snowwolf 25m:11s, Keith Lynn 26m:24s, Rob Barton 28m:11s, Don Dewar 29m:04s, Aaron Howewood 31m:00s, Becky Hodgson 31m:40s, Sarah Homewood 33m:13s, Sarah Taylor 35m:37s and Rachel Jenkins in 55m:11s.

Meanwhile 4 A&D members travelled to Weymouth parkrun. Christine Costiff finished in 22m:10s, Gill O’Connor in 22m:19s, Nigel Costiff 30m:47s and Steve O’Loughlin in 34m:47s.

By Mark Carlton

The Vanguard Way Marathon

The Vanguard Way Marathon – Sunday 5th August 2018

Christine Costiff and Gill O’Connor both ran the Vanguard Way Marathon on Sunday. The Vanguard trail runs for 66 miles from East Croydon to Newhaven. The hilly marathon route and hot conditions took its toll as Costiff completed the course in 5hrs:33m:20s and O’Connor finished in 6hrs:20m:30s.

Ashford Parkrun -Saturday 4th August 2018

Robert Latala returned to 5k action finishing 2nd at the latest parkrun. Latala crossed the line in 17m:14s. He was followed by fellow A&D club mates Trevor Kay in 18m:41s (4th) and Rob Barton, who set a new personal best of 18m:49s (5th).

Mark Harrison continued his good form and set a new personal best of 21m:03s (16th) followed by Mark Attenborough in 21m:09s (18th), Tom and Dan Green were up next in 22m:00s (23rd) and 22m:05s (25th) respectively.

Don Dewar finished in 22m:54s (37th) and Paul Brasington in 22m:59s (38th) with Mark Carlton in 23m:17s (42nd). Rob Carpenter crossed the line in 23m:28s (44th) and Terry Sellen in 23m:40s (46th).

Claire Green was the 1st lady home for the club in 24m:27s followed by Will Whittington in 24m:28s, Sandi Mortimer in 24m:38s, Keith Lynn 26m:10s, Steve Hickman 26m:40s, Lisa Jones in a PB of 26m:50s with Stu Nunn crossing the line at the same time.

Jaclyn Kay finished in 27m:22s followed by Simon Jackson in 29m:27s, Sophie Edmonds 29m:49s, Becky Hodson 31m:54s, Ann Fidge 32m:47s, Shelly Blake 33m:29s, Deborah Payne 34m:02s, Emma Jenkins 38m:59s, Julie Foster 45m:06s and Rachel Jenkins 45m:45s.

Meanwhile, Andrew Noble finished 5th in the Maldon Prom parkrun in 19m:33s and further afield, Jon Wells ran the Carrickfergus parkrun finishing 2nd in a time of 19m:23s.

By Mark Carlton


Bedfordshire AAA 10k – Thursday 19th July 2018 & Cornwood 10k – Saturday 28th July 2018

Ashford & District’s Andrew Noble travelled to Bedfordshire to take on the county’s 10k road race. On a fast, flat course Noble ran a time of 38m:43s.

Chrstine Costiff travelled further afield and took part in the Cornwood 10k in Devon and finished 1st in age category and 6th lady overall in a time of 48m:09s.






Invicta East Kent AC Night of 5000m – Thursday 26th July 2018

On the warmest night of the year with the mercury still showing 30 degrees, A&D’s men performed admirably in the conditions as they took on the Invicta East Kent 5000m. Jon Pearce was 1st around the track for the club in a personal best of 16m:35s. Rob Barton and Andrew Noble were neck and neck finishing in 18m:48s and 18m:54s respectively with Scott Lynch not far behind them in 19m:04s.

Samphire Hoe 5k Series Race 3 – Friday 27th July 2018

Following on from his impressive victory last week in Ashford, Dan Green finished in 2nd place and 1st in the Vet40 category at the Samphire Hoe 5k Series. In wet and blustery conditions as the heatwave ended, Green crossed the line in 18m:31s.

Ashford Parkrun  -Saturday 28th July 2018

Parkrun made a welcome return to the town this week with over 200 runners taking to the start line, despite the summer holidays.

Trevor Kay went close to a personal best, just 9 seconds off his previous parkrun best finishing 1st in 17m:41s. He was followed by Rob Barton who did set a personal best of 18m:50s to finish 3rd overall. Scott Lynch completed the top 10 in 19m:58s.

Keith Haynes finished 14th in 20m:37s with Carl Ireland in 20th in a time of 21m:49s. Tom and Dan Green both ran 22m:03s (22nd & 23rd) respectively whilst Don Dewar crossed the line in 22m:33s (29th).

Mark Carlton completed the course in 24m:32s with Filiz Salih and Sandi Mortimer finishing in 25m:00s and 25m:04s respectively. Keith Lynn was next up in 25m:50s followed by Jaclyn Kay in 26m:13s.

Rod Kessack made a welcome return to running the towns 5k course and finished in a time of 27m:35s whilst Simon Jackson finished in 27m:46s and Chloe Green crossed the line in 27m:51s. Deborah Payne ran a time of 33m:23s, Emma Jenkins in 34m:20s and Julie Foster finished in 42m:08s.

Meanwhile, Julius Samson  ran the Canterbury parkrun and finished 4th in a time of 20m:51s, Sarah Taylor ran the Maidstone parkrun in 31m:52s and Rachel Jenkins completed the Whitstable parkrun in 45m:31s.

By Mark Carlton


The Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5k – Friday 20th July 2018
Dan Green clinched 2nd place at the Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5k and with it won the 5k series with one event to go. Green crossed the line in 18m:08s.
Club mate Rob Barton finished 6th in a time of 18m:50s. Rhian Shrimplin finished 11th in 22m:33s with Terry Sellen just behind in 23m:30s and Shaun Snowwolf in 25m:19s.
Parkrun -Saturday 21st July 2018
Whilst the Ashford Parkrun was postponed this week, many A&D runners travelled around Kent to get their 5k fix.
Jon Pearce travelled to Whitstable and finished in 1st place with a time of 17m:40s. He was followed by Scott Lynch in 20m:02s (10th) with Will Whittington in 26m:18s, Keith Lynn in 26m:44s and Emma Jenkins in 38m:35s.
Dan Green finished 1st in the Malling parkrun in a time of 18m:55s, meanwhile A&D juniors Thomas and Chloe Green finished in 21m:47s (23rd) and 29m:12s respectively.
Meanwhile at Folkestone parkrun, Don Dewar was 1st home for the club in 23m:11s followed by Philip Bridges in 23m:39s, Shaun Snowwolf 27m:25s and Terry Sellen in 33m:47s.
Lesley Moody 30m:32s, Becky Hodgson 30m:33s and Deborah Payne in 30m:53s ran the Pegwell Bay event.
Further afield, Rachel Jenkins ran the Hastings parkrun in 32m:58s, Gill O’Connor ran the Riddlesdown parkrun in 22m:50s (39th), Carl Ireland ran in Poole in a time of 22m:36s, Andrew Noble completed the Beeston parkrun in 19m:37s (13th) and Christine Costiff travelled to Melton Mowbray and finished in 22m:31s (17th).
By Mark Carlton


East Kent Road Relays Race 5 Canterbury – Tuesday 10th July 2018

The East Kent Road Relay season drew to a close with the 5th and final race taking place in Canterbury on Tuesday evening with many prizes to be decided it was always going to be a tense night.

Ashford & District’s Mens Vet 40s put in a strong performance winning their race by a clear 30 seconds.  Meanwhile A&D’s Vet 50 A team finished 2nd in their category whilst the B team won their race by 50 seconds.

In the Women’s league, A&D Vet 35 A team won their race with over 2 minutes to spare whilst the B team finished 3rd. In the Women’s Vet45 category, the A&D A team came 3rd.

The final race results meant that A&D Mens Vet 40 and Vet 50 A teams won their titles whilst the A&D Women’s Vet35 A team scooped their title after that impressive performance in Canterbury. The Women’s Vet45  A team finished 3rd overall.

In the B leagues, A&D repeated the success they had in the A team leagues winning the Men’s Vet40 & Vet50 and Women’s Vet35 titles but also adding the Vet45 B league title as well.

In all, Ashford & District RRC won 7 of the 15 leagues in this seasons road relays and they will be hoping to build on this success next year.

Mid Kent 5 Miler  – Sunday 15th July 2018

A summer of sweltering running conditions continued on Sunday in Staplehurst for the Mid Kent 5 Miler with 350 runners sweating it out.

Andrew Noble finished 1st for Ashford & District RRC and in category with a time of 31m:11s (9th overall), Rob Barton followed in a personal best of 31m:58s (13th) with Jon Wells in 32m:07s (14th) and Paul Moses 32m:14s (15th) just behind, Richard Baker finished 25th in 33m:35s.

Becky Macey was A&D’s 1st lady home (2nd lady overall) in a personal best time of 35m:11s, a time shared by Rob Carpenter who finished in 36th position. Adrian Moody finished within the top 50 in a time of 36m:52s whilst Elodie Paviot crossed the line in a personal best time of 37m:07s (53rd).

Anthony Brown ran the course in 37m:35s followed by Hazel Turner in 38m:20s, Rhian Shrimplin in 38m:32s, Filiz Salih 39m:59s, Aaron Homewood 40m:18s PB, Mark Cleworth 42m:20s PB, Keith Lynn 43m:50s PB, William Whittington 44m:05s, Lucy Johnstone 50m:54s PB, Deborah Payne 58m:13s and Emma Jenkins in 1hr:08m:03s.

Romney Marsh 10k – Sunday 15th July 2018.

Trevor Kay finished agonisingly outside the podium positions in 4th at the Romney Marsh 10k, recording a time of 37m:03s. Ryan Edwards followed in 44m:32s (20th) whilst Claire Green ran a time of 50m:16s (41st).

Jaclyn Kay crossed the line in 54m:33s (61st) with Hugh Scarlin finishing in a personal best of 57m:59s (74th) and Sarah Taylor in 1hr:16m:25s (116th).

Ashford Parkrun  -Saturday 14th July 2018

It was an A&D 1,2,3 at the towns parkrun on Saturday with Dan Green finishing 1st in 18m:09s, Jon Pearce 2nd in 18m:27s and Scott Lynch 3rd in 19m:35s.

Mark Attenborough finished in 12th in a time of 20m:35s, Paul Brasington completed the 5k in 22m:28s (30th) with Rob Carpenter and Andrew Noble in 23m:32s (36th& 37th).

Terry Sellen crossed the line in 24m:32s, Filiz Salih in 24m:44s, John Fidge 25m:19s, Keith Lynn 26m:17s, Chloe Green 26m:50s and Mark Cleworth 38m:14s.

Meanwhile Lesley Moody 32m:25s, Shelly Blake 32m:40s and Deborah Payne 35m:16s ran the Whitstable Parkrun with Gill O’Connor completing the Riddlesdown parkrun in 23m:24s.

By Mark Carlton


The Serpent Trail 50k – Saturday 7th July 2018

The Serpent Trail 50k – Saturday 7th July 2018
A&D RRC were well represented at The Serpent Trail 50k on Saturday. The ultra event runs from Petworth in West Sussex to Petersfield in Hampshire taking the competitors through lowland heath, woodland and past meandering rivers within the South Downs National Park.
Jon Pearce finished 1st for the club in 5hrs:38m:59s and finished 20th overall, Richard Baker followed in 6hrs:06m:13s in 30th with Mark Attenborough in 6hrs:14m:37s in 32nd. Lucy Johnstone, completing her 1st ultra, finished in a time of 8hrs:10m:42s.
Unfortunately Steve Hickman was unable to complete the course as the heat took its toll at the 20 mile mark.
North Downs Half & Full Marathon – Sunday 08th July 2018
Rik Holden took on the North Downs Marathon on Sunday in very hot conditions. The off road course, which included some challenging hills was completed by Holden in 4hrs:52m:21s. Gill O’Connor ran the Half Marathon and finished in 2hrs:28m
Reigate Priory 10k – Wednesday 4th July 2018 & Rye Harbour 10k – Friday 6th July 2018.
Gill O’Connor also completed the multi-terrain Reigate Priory 10k on Wednesday finishing in a time of 51m:37s on a hot, hilly course scooping the 1st female vet prize at the same time. Not to be outdone, twin sister Christine Costiff also finished as 1st female vet at the Rye Harbour 10k on Friday, crossing the line in 45m:51s in 28th overall.
Ashford Parkrun -Saturday 7th July 2018
Dan Green finished 2nd overall for the club at the towns parkrun on Saturday in a time of 18m:29s. He was closely followed by Tomasz Latala in 3rd finishing in a time of 18m:40s. Jonny Wells and Paul Moses both finished within the top 10 also in times of 19m:57s and 20m:11s respectively.
Hazel Turner crossed the line in 22m:37s and was 1st female in 24th followed by Claire Green in 23m:38s (33rd) and Sandi Mortimer in 24m:42s (49th). John Fidge was next up in 25m:42s with Terry Sellen in 29m:26s and Lesley Moody in 31m:02s. Rachel Jenkins recorded a time of 31m:46s, Becky Hodgson finished in 32m:41s, Sarah Taylor in 33m:58s and Julie Foster in 44m:13s.
Meanwhile, around the country Scott Lynch ran the Whitstable parkrun in 20m:16s (4th), Gill O’Connor finished the Riddlesdown parkrun in 23m:39s (43rd), Philip Bridges completed the Brundall parkrun in 24m:56s (34th) and Andrew Noble travelled to Holkham and finished 5th in a time of 19m:31s.
By Mark Carlton


East Kent Road Relays – Race 4  Samphire Hoe – Tuesday 26th June 2018

In the penultimate race of the series held at Samphire Hoe near Dover, Ashford & District struggled to maintain the form from previous meetings. However, A&D women’s Vet35  A team put in an impressive performance winning their race category by almost 3 minutes. The same feat was achieved by A&D women’s Vet45 B team who won their race with plenty to spare.

Going into the final fixture in Canterbury next week A&D still look strong and on course to clinch the men’s Vet40 A, Vet 50 A & B, women’s Vet 35 A & B and Vet 45 B titles with some categories still up for grabs if the club achieves a good final round.

Samphire Hoe 5k Summer Series –Race 2 – Friday 29th June 2018

Some club members returned to a windy Samphire Hoe on Friday to compete in the 5k summer series. Rob Barton finished 3rd overall in a time of 19m:00s, whilst Elodie Paviot finished as 1st female in a time of 22m:33s. Christine Costiff (22m:51s) and Rhian Shrimplin (23m:21s) finished 2nd and 3rd female to help clinch the ladies team prize for A&D.

Mark Cleworth ran 24m:30s whilst Shaun Snowwolf-Harris finished in 26m:12s and picked up 1st in category as did Lucy Johnstone in 27m:19s.

Meanwhile, Steve Hickman ran the Bexhill 5k summer series and recorded a time of 24m:46s.

Teddy Bear Challenge  – Thursday 28th June 2018

Rik Holden ran the Saxon, Viking and Norman Teddy Bear Challenge held at Kings Wood near Challock. He completed the marathon distance in 3hrs:51m:23s.

Bewl Water 15 – Sunday 1st July 2018

At an extremely warm Bewl Water, Christine Costiff ran the 15 mile course in 2hrs:25m:31s to finish 3rd in age category. Rhian Shrimplin and Gill O’Connor also ran and crossed the line in 2hrs:38m:09s and 2hrs:41m:31s respectively.

Les Golding Memorial 10k – Sunday 1st July 2018

Mark Cleworth was the only entrant from the club at the Les Golding Memorial 10k in Herne Bay and he completed the course in 53m:01s.

Ashford Parkrun  -Saturday 30th June 2018

Dan Green crossed the line in 1st place at the towns parkrun on Saturday finishing in a time of 17m:57s. He was followed by Trevor Kay in 18m:42s (3rd), Rob Barton 19m:18s (4th) and Scott Lynch 19m:30s (6th).

Jonny Wells was next up for the club in 20m:18s (11th) followed by Richard Baker in 21m:22s (20th), Carl Ireland 22m:11s (27th), James Chapman 22m:32s (31st), Mark Attenborough 23m:10s (37th), Don Dewar 23m:16s (39th), Claire Green 23m:50s (44th) and Filiz Salih in 24m:04s (49th).

Philip Bridges crossed the line in 24m:24s with Sandi Mortimer just behind in 24m:40s and Trevor Sparkes in a parkrun personal best of 24m:47s. Steve Hickman and Heather Johnston finished in 25m:34s with Johnston achieving a personal best at this distance with Elodie Paviot and John Fidge just behind in 25m:35s and 25m:36s respectively. Simon Jackson and Keith Lynn recorded times of 25m:43s and 25m:49s with Shaun Snowwolf in 25m:56s.

Lisa Jones finished in 27m:55s, Lucy Johnstone 29m:52s, Rachel Jenkins 31m:32s, Becky Hodgson 32m:26s, Lesley Moody 32m:36s, Deborah Payne 34m:01s, Emma Jenkins 36m:25s and Ann Fidge as tail runner in 47m:28s.

By Mark Carlton

North Downs 30k – Sunday 24th June 2018

North Downs 30k – Sunday 24th June 2018

Christine Costiff and Gill O’Connor battled against the heat and the hills at the North Downs 30k on Sunday. Costiff finished in 3hrs:18m:21s and O’Connor in 3hrs:34m:00s.

The Suzuki Midnight Half Marathon – Thursday 21st June 2018

Andrew Noble and Shelly Blake travelled to Iceland for the Suzuki Midnight Half Marathon. Andrew Noble finished 16th overall in a time of 1hr:24m:56s whilst Shelly Blake finished in 2hrs:57m:21s. Closer to home Becky Macey set a new personal best at the Harry Hawkes 10 miler crossing the line in 1hr:13m:17s.

The Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5k & 10k – Friday 22nd June 2018

Tomasz Latala powered home to victory for A&D RRC in the Podplus Ashford Summer Series 10k on Friday night in a time of 37m:19s. Gill O’Connor was 1st lady home in 46m:36s (9th).

Meanwhile, Dan Green made it a clean sweep winning the 5k event for A&D in a time of 17m:54s. He was followed by Rob Barton who set a new personal best of 18m:45s (4th). Paul Moses crossed the line in 20m:08s (5th) and Christine Costiff was 1st lady home in 22m:16s (6th). Shaun Snowwolf also completed the course in 27m:03s (11th).

Ashford Parkrun -Saturday 23rd June 2018

Jon Pearce and Tomasz Latala made it an Ashford & District 1,2 at Ashford Parkrun on Saturday with Pearce recording a time of 17m:33s (1st) and Latala 18m:09s (2nd).

Scott Lynch finished in the top 10 with a time of 20m:05s (9th) and Paul Moses finished in 20m:42s (11th). Rob Carpenter crossed the line in 22m:06s (24th), Elodie Paviot was the 1st lady home for the club in 22m:14s (28th), James Chapman in 22m:45s (36th), Don Dewar 23m:29s (47th) and Aaron Homewood in 23m:56s.

Shaun Snowwolf set a new personal best of 25m:43s followed by John Fidge in 25m:45s and Rachel Jenkins in 33m:01s.

Meanwhile, around the country Mark Boorer completed the Eastbourne Parkrun in 25m:56s. A&D trio Will Whittington (23m:52s), Trevor Sparkes (24m:02s) and Emma Jenkins (33m:13s) ran Pegwell Bay Parkrun and Christine Costiff ran the Peasmarsh Midsummer 4 miler in 24m:31s.

Kent Golden Mile and 5k – Sunday 24th June 2018

Dan Green, Rob Barton and Keith Haynes completed the Kent Golden Mile on Sunday. Green finished in 5m:14s, Barton in 5m:27s and Haynes in 5m:54s. Green and Barton both took on the 5k event also and finished in 18m:20s and 19:35s respectively.

By Mark Carlton


The Wall – Saturday 16th June 2018

Club captain Scott Lynch completed his 1st ultra-marathon on Saturday running 69 miles through historic Hadrian’s wall country in a time of 17hrs:50m. Lynch was accompanied by seasoned ultra runner and fellow club mate Edward Rodger and ran the course together starting off in Carlisle, making their way east and finishing in Newcastle.

Saxon Shore Half Marathon – Sunday 17th June 2018

Ashford & District were well represented at the inaugural Saxon Shore Half Marathon. The course followed the majority of the coastline from Herne Bay to Whitstable and for the most part was fairly flat.

Paul Moses finished 1st for the club and 8th overall in 1hr:29m:16s with Rob Barton not far behind in a personal best of 1hr:34m:47s. Becky Macey continued to impress finishing as 2nd lady overall with a personal best time of 1hr:38m:31s. Anthony Brown finished in 1hr:43m:15s, Elodie Paviot also set a new personal best finishing in 1hr:44m:45s.


Aaron Homewood was next up in 1hr:52m:25s with Rhian Shrimplin in 1hr:55m:15s, helping to clinch the ladies 1st place team prize in the process. Mark Boorer in 1hr:56m:01s, Mark Cleworth in 1hr:56m:30s and Verity Dunbar setting a personal best of 1hr:56m:49s.

Filiz Salih also set a personal best of 1hr:58m:05s. In his 1st half-marathon, Shaun Snowwolf-Harris finished in 2hrs:10m:56s, Lucy Johnstone set a personal best of 2hrs:14m:02s as did Sarah Homewood in a time of 2hrs:20m:00s.

East Kent Relays Ashford  – Tuesday 12th June 2018

Home advantage paid off for A&D at the 3rd East Kent Relays of the summer at Victoria Park on Tuesday as the senior mens A team sprinted to victory. A&D also made a clean sweep across the veteran categories, winning the Vet 40 mens A&B and Vet 50 mens A&B races.

A&D ladies senior B team cruised to victory as did the ladies Vet 35 A&B teams. The ladies Vet 45 A team were pipped into 2nd place by Folkestone running club, however the B team took victory in the B league race. In total, out of the 15 race categories, A&D produced 9 of the winners on a successful night for the club.

Ashford Parkrun  -Saturday 16th June 2018

It was a humid and overcast parkrun on Saturday as Jonny Wells finished 8th overall and 1st male for A&D in a time of 19m:23s. Paul Moses and Mark Attenborough followed in 21m:42s (21st) and 21m:43s (22nd) respectively. Carl Ireland finished in 22m:04s (27th) with Mark Carlton in 22m:34s (38th) and Aaron Homewood and James Chapman both crossing the line in 22m:40s (41st & 42nd).

Don Dewar, Philip Bridges and Mark Harrison all finished within seconds of each other in 23m:10s (48th), 23m:13s (49th) and 23m:16s (50th) respectively. Rob Carpenter was up next in 23m:44s followed by Will Whittington on his 100th parkrun in 24m:52s.

Mark Boorer recorded a time of 25m:12s, whilst Keith Lynn set a new personal best of 25m:26s. Simon Jackson finished in 26m:53s followed by Lucy Johnstone in 27m:00s, Rachel Jenkins in 30m:24s, Lesley Moody in 31m:39s and Emma Jenkins in 33m:37s.

Meanwhile, around the country, Gill O’Connor ran the Riddlesdown parkrun in 22m:21s (45th), John Fidge completed the Houghton Hall run in 25m:50s (37th) and Andrew Noble finished the Dartford Heath parkrun in 19m:26s (3rd).

By Mark Carlton