2017 A&D RRC Club Championship


Eligible Races

Event Date Distance
Folkestone 10 14th April 2017 10 Miles
Podplus Ashford 5k Summer Series Race 1 19th May 2017 5 km
Folkestone Coastal 28th May 2017 10 km
Podplus Ashford 5k Summer Series Race 2 16th June 2017 5 km
Podplus Ashford 5k Summer Series Race 3 21st July 2017 5 km
Podplus Ashford 5k Summer Series Race 4 18th August 2017 5 km
Canterbury Half 28th August 2017 13.1 Miles
Givaudan 8th October 2017 10 km
Canterbury 10 TBC January 2018 10 Miles
Deal Half Marathon 11 February 2018 13.1 Miles
Thanet 20 4 March 2018 20 Miles
Lydd Half Marathon 11 March 2018 13.1 Miles
Lydd 20
11 March 2018 20 Miles
Marathon Anytime between 1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018 26.2 Miles

The Rules;

The A&D Club Championships will run from 1st April  to 31st March.

Races have been selected across 6 distances and to be eligible to win the championship, members must complete at least one race in four of the distances.  

Members will be eligible if they are fully signed up by the 1st July. All qualifying races are to be completed whilst being a full member. The only exception being pre-existing members during the renewal period from 1st April to 1st July. If a member chooses not to renew then their scores will be removed on 1st July.

Second claim members will not be eligible in the Club Championships unless they are a pre-existing second claim member from the date that the rule was agreed (7th May 2017).

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position for both the Male and Female championship.  Points will be awarded for each race. These will not be based on the race position, but on the age grade percentage (as per the official 2015 WMA tables).  1st A&D Male per race based on the % gets 30pts, 2nd 29pts, 3rd 28pts and so on.  The same for the females starting at 20pts for 1st, 2nd 19pts going downwards.  If there are more than 30 racers all others will get 1 point.  Members can race all of the above races but only the top 4 over different distances will count, this means members cannot use points from 2 races in 5k distance etc.

Marathon times will be collected over the Club Championship period with the fastest time being used to calculate points at the end of the season.

Results should be submitted via the link on the Club website in a timely manner as failure to do so will prevent them from being included.

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