A personal message from our new VP, Ann Fidge

Hi Everybody

As your shiny new Vice President, I thought I should introduce myself to those of you who might not have known me too long.

I joined A&D when the club was in its infancy back in October 1988 but have been running regularly since 1985.

I ran my first Marathon (London) in 1988 and have since added 27 others to my tally – which includes Majorca, Benidorm & Beachy Head. Of course, there have been plenty of Halves, Tens and 10kms as well during that time and our Inter Club relays during the summer. I have also dabbled in the odd cross country but never really took to it – I’m a road runner at heart!

More recently I have taken to Parkrun on Saturdays and am usually there at Victoria Park to chat to anyone!

During my years of running I have been largely injury free so must be doing something right.

I am fully committed to the Club and don’t really see a time without it! If I can be of any assistance to fellow members I will be only too happy to advise.

Happy Running

Ann Fidge

THE KAYS PB IN BARCELONA – Sunday 11th March 2018

Barcelona Marathon – Sunday 11th March 2018
Trevor and Jaclyn Kay travelled to Catalonia for the Zurich Barcelona Marathon on Sunday and made sure that the winter training paid off by coming back to the UK with two personal bests.
Trevor finished just under the 3 hour mark in a time of 2hrs:59m:43s whilst Jaclyn crossed the line in 4hrs:23m:16s.
Thames Meander Marathon – Saturday 10th March 2018
The Thames Meander is a flat, scenic riverside trail marathon run along the Thames Path. Rik Holden was A&D’s sole entrant and battled the muddy conditions to finish in 3hrs:40m42s.
Lydd Half Marathon & 20 miler – Sunday 11th March 2018
The Lydd Half Marathon and 20 miler road race, as always, saw a large A&D presence in the build up to the spring marathon season. With an ultra-flat course, Lydd is seen as the perfect barometer as to how well winter training has gone.
Jon Pearce finished 1st for A&D in the half marathon in a time of 1hr:21m:22s, 11th place. Richard Baker followed in 1hr:30m:14s taking 29th position, Julius Samson finished just behind in 1hr:30m:27s, 30th overall and Anthony Brown in 1hr:38m:59s (54th).
Danyel Carter was 1st lady home in her last race for the club in 1hr:40m:12s (61st), Carl Ireland was next up in 1hr:46m:48s (90th), Neil Woodham in 1hr:51:36s (108th), Stuart Nunn 1hr:53m:16s (127th), Mark Boorer in a personal best of 1hr:53m:31s (129th), Will Whittington 1hr:56m:19s (140th) and Terry Sellen, returning from injury in 1hr:58m:00s (154th).
Heather Johnston, in her 1st half marathon finished in 1hr:59m:19s (160th), Keith Lynn PB’d in 2hrs:08m:32s (206th) and Becky Hodgson in 2hrs:23m:55s (272nd).
Meanwhile in the 20 miler, Gill O’Connor finished 1st for the club as well as 1st in category in 2hrs:50m:30s (209th), Elodie Paviot finished just behind in 2hrs:51m:12s (214th), Rhian Shrimplin crossed the line in 2hrs:54m:16s (235th), Dave Hunt in 3hrs:04m:22s (318th), Edward Rodger 3hrs:07m:13s (336th), Aaron Homewood 3hrs:10m:03s (363rd), Lucy Johnstone 3hrs:36m:08s (544th), Sarah Homewood 3hrs:37m:18s (547th) and Steve Hickman in 3hrs:37m:19s (548th).
Ashford Park Run – Saturday 10th March 2018
After an enforced break last week due to the inclement weather, Ashford Parkrun was back with the conditions feeling considerably warmer.
Daniel Green came home 1st for the club in 19m:09s to take 4th place. Mark Attenborough also finished in the top 10, crossing the line in 20m:38s in 9th and Jon Wells finished in 20m:58s in 11th
Becky Macey set a new personal best at this distance whilst taking the 1st female place in 17th with a time of 21m:29s, she was followed by Paul Moses in 21m:30s (18th) and Scott Lynch in 21m:32s (19th) with Mark Harrison next in 22m:08s (24th).
Simon Jackson finished in 28m:18s (106th), Ann Fidge 30m:01s (131st), Becky Hodgson 32m:07s (159th), Emma Jenkins 36m:34s (190th) and Shelly Blake 56m:38s (223rd)
By Mark Carlton

Latala impresses at National Cross Country Championships Saturday 24th February 2018

Saucony English National Cross Country Championships – Saturday 24th February 2018

The Cross Country season drew to a close on Saturday with the Saucony English National Championships held at Parliament Hill, London.

With over 2300 competitors running the mens race alone, the championship standard was high with teams from all over the country competing.

Robert Latala capped off an impressive cross country season finishing 120th overall completing the 7.2 mile course in 43m:52s. Jon Pearce was next up in 50m:06s (611th) with Julius Samson in 55m:15s (1128th). Paul Moses followed in 57m:47s (1399th) and Jon Wells was not far behind in 57m:59s (1416th). Scott Lynch and Adrian Moody came in under the hour mark in 58m:24s (1442nd) and 59m:02s (1502nd) respectively with Chris Boyce in 1hr:04m:54s (1927th).

The senior mens team prize was won by Tonbridge AC with their top 6 runners all finishing in the top 40. Ashford & District RRC finished 96th overall out of 162 eligible teams.

Mods vs Rockers Marathon – Sunday 25th February 2018

Rik Holden finished the Mods vs Rockers Marathon in 11th place at Betteshanger Country Park in a time of  3hrs:43m:49s.

The Headcorn Half – Sunday 25th February 2018

The bright winter sunshine did little to take the chill off at the Headcorn Half this Sunday with Mark Attenborough finishing 1st for the club in 26th place overall and 3rd in category in 1hr:32m:34s with Neil Woodham following in 1hr:46m:12s (119th). Jaclyn Kay finished just over the 2 hour mark in a PB time of 2hrs:00m:5s in 222nd and Andrew Smith crossed the line in 2hrs:20m25s (322nd).

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 24th February 2018

Neil Woodham came home 1st for the club in a personal best time of 21m:41s finishing 12th overall. Becky Macey finished as 1st female overall in 15th position in a personal best of 21m:59s. Pat Butler followed in 22m:21s (18th) with Hazel Turner in 22m:40s (20th).

James Chapman crossed the line in 23m:34s (27th), Will Whittington finished in 24m:16s (35th) and Mark Boorer in 25m:23s (50th).

Lucy Johnstone finished with a personal best time of 27m:08s (82nd), John Fidge in 27m:28s (88th), Keith Lynn 27m:30s (89th), Shelly Blake 30m:10s (130th), Becky Hodgson 32m:40s (161st), Jeremy Chambers 36m:36s (196th) and Emma Jenkins 43m:51s (212th).

Meanwhile in further 5K news, Jon Wells won the Trosley Park 5k Challenge on Sunday in a time of 21m:39s and finished clear of 2nd place by almost a minute.

By Mark Carlton

A&D Out In Force for Canterbury 10

Ssangyong Canterbury 10  –  Sunday 21st January 2018

Ashford & District RRC were out in force for this year’s Ssangyong Canterbury 10 mile road race. The event, which saw nearly 1400 participants enter, was won by Invicta East Kent’s Abel Tsegay in 51m:12s.

First home for A&D was Jon Pearce in an impressive time of 59m:30s in 21st place. Trevor Kay was next up finishing in 1hr:02m:53s followed by Julius Samson in a personal best of 1hr:04m:13s in 54th. Jon Wells finished in a PB of 1hr:05:58s in 78th with Paul Moses in 1hr:06m:14s in 80th.

Scott Lynch was next to cross the line in 1hr:07:51s (112th) with Adrian Moody finishing in 1hr:11m:58s (186th) and Rob Barton, in his 1st race back from injury, finished in 1hr:13m:01s (217th).

Christine Costiff was 1st lady home for the club and 1st in category with a time of 1hr:14m:54s (264th), Danyel Carter was not far behind in 1hr:15m:45s (291st). Stuart Nunn finished in a PB time of 1hr:17m:48s (368th), Gill O’Connor in 1hr:18m:19s (385th), Elodie Paviot PB’d in 1hr:20m:16s (443rd), Rhian Shrimplin was just behind in 1hr:20m:23s (449th) and Brad Bunk in 1hr:21m:24s (483rd).

Mark Boorer, completing his 1st race for the club, finished in a PB time of 1hr:26m:48s (656th), Steve Hickman in 1hr:28m:08s (693rd), Heather Johnston continued her impressive form and PB’d in 1hr:28:20s (701st), Jaclyn Kay in a PB of 1hr:28m:57s.Keith Lynn, also making his debut for the club finished in 1hr:36m:27s (945th), Lucy Johnstone in a PB of 1hr:38m:40s (994th), Sue Reader finished in 1hr:39m:50s (1037th) and Sarah Homewood in 1hr:41m:09s (1071st).

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 20th January 2018

Dean Bracken finished 6th in the latest Ashford Parkrun event in a time of 20m:40s followed by Carl Ireland in 21m:52s (13th), James Chapman in 22m:39s (21st) and Mark Carlton in 22m:40s (22nd).

Scott Lynch crossed the line in 23m:25s (31st), Rod Kessack in 23m:29s (34th), followed by a trio of A&D runners in quick succession, Paul Moses 23m:55s (43rd), Danyel Carter 24m:15s (44th) and Will Whittington 24m:18s (45th).

Sandi Mortimer achieved a personal best of 24m:57s (51st) followed by Mark Attenborough in 24m:59s (53rd) Claire Green finished in 26m:22s (65th), John Fidge in 27m:21s (85th), Ann Fidge 30m:33s (122nd), Becky Hodgson 33m:38s (142nd) and Julie Foster in 47m:24s (185th).

Meanwhile, Terry Sellen travelled to Humberside to take part in the Hull parkrun finishing in 24m:52s (128th).

By Mark Carlton

A&D Trio Excel in Ultra​​ Saturday 13th January 2018

Country to Capital Ultra  –  Saturday 13th January 2018

Ashford & District RRC had 3 participants in the Country to Capital 45 mile Ultra at the weekend. The race begun in the market town of Wendover, Buckinghamshire, taking in the surrounding countryside well into the M25 then picking up the Grand Union Canal tow path into London finishing at Little Venice.

Mark Attenborough finished 1st for the club in 7hrs:47m. Edward Rodger completed the 45 miles in 9hrs:16m and Helen Weeden completed the trios’ impressive feat in 10hrs:11m.

SVN Cakeathon – Saturday 13th January 2018

Becky Hodgson took on the wonderfully titled Winter Cakeathon, completing 5 laps of Betteshangar Nature Reserve course, 16.4 miles in total in 3hrs:33m:40s.

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 13th January 2018

Trevor Kay returned to winning ways finishing 1st at the towns parkrun in 18m:54s. Meanwhile Paul Moses completed his 150th parkrun in 3rd in a time of 19m:37s. Scott Lynch was next for the club finishing 6th in 20m:21s and Richard Baker crossed the line in 7th in 20m:35s.

Carl Ireland completed the course in 21m:40s (14th), Chris Boyce followed in 21m:44s (15th) with Rob Barton in 21m:54s (18th). James Chapman finished in 22m:47s (29th) and Gill Pragnell was 1st lady home for the club in 22m:53s (35th).

Terry Sellen crossed the line next in 23m:13s (38th), Rod Kessack 23m:31s (45th), Will Whittington 24m:21s (50th), Jaclyn Kay 25m:33s (64th), Aaron Homewood 26m:12s (78th), Elodie Paviot 27m:10s (102nd), John Fidge 27m:11s (103rd), Sue Reader 27m:13s (104th), Lucy Johnstone 27m:35s (111th), Sandi Mortimer 27m:53s (122nd), Andrew Smith 28m:34s (136th) Ann Fidge 30m:30s (169th) and Julie Foster, completing her 125th parkrun in 43m:06s (247th).

Meanwhile Christine and Nigel Costiff completed the Plymvalley parkrun in 24m:06s (25th – 1st lady) and 37m:46s (224th) respectively. Gill O’Connor finished the Riddlesdown parkrun in 25m:45s (50th).

By Mark Carlton

SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon  – Sunday 29th  October 2017

SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon  – Sunday 29th  October 2017

Ashford & District RRC club members, Frances Hunt, Brad Bunk and Sue Reader travelled to the emerald isle on Sunday to run with 20,000 participants in the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon.

The course, which starts and finishes close to the city centre saw Frances Hunt finish 1st for the club in a personal best of 04hrs:15m:55s, followed by Brad Bunk in 04hrs:36m:14s, and Sue Reader, whose training for the event was badly hampered by injuries, finished with an impressive personal best of 04hrs:56m:06s .

Beachy Head Marathon  – Saturday 28th  October 2017

Closer to home Julius Samson completed the challenging but scenic Eastbourne Beachy Head Marathon in 04hrs:31m:16s. Dave Hunt crossed the line is 05hrs:11m:51s and Steve Hickman, taking part in this event for the 16th time, finished in 05hrs:19m:44s.

Kent Cross Country League – Saturday 28th October 2017

The second round of cross country fixtures took place at the challenging Somerhill School in Tonbridge on Saturday.

The undulating course saw Jon Pearce finish 1st for the club in 39m:39s and 58th position overall. Rob Barton followed in 42m:09s in 96th with Jon Wells just behind in 42m:12s and 98thposition. Daniel Green was close behind finishing in 42m:50s, 111th  with Scott Lynch crossing the line in 43m:29s, 124th.

Paul Moses was next up for the club in 43m:40s finishing in 131st,  Richard Baker 45m:17s (170th), Robin Butler 45m:24s (171st), Mark Attenborough 46m:25s (185th), Kevan James 47m:09s (195th), Adrian Moody 48m:59s (210th), Chris Boyce 51m:31s (226th) and Mark Harrison 52m:08s (231st).

In the women’s 5k event, Christine Costiff finished 1st for the club in 24m:13s to finish 78th overall, Gill O’Connor finished just over a minute later in 25m:22s (101st) and Rhian Shrimplin just behind in 25m:57s (107th) with Lucy Johnstone completing the course in 30m:20s (154th).

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 28th October 2017

At the latest parkrun event, Keith Haynes was 1st home for the club in 8th place in a time of 20m:25s followed  by James Chapman in 21m:59s finishing 21st and Terry Sellen crossed the line in 22m:26s (29th).

Filiz Salih was 1st lady home for the club in 22m:33s (33rd), Rod Kessack in 22m:54s (46th), Mark Attenborough 26m:15s (105th), Jon Wells 26m:52s (116th) and Jeremy Chambers 31m:53s (208th).

Meanwhile Mark Carlton completed the Folkestone parkrun in 22m:20s, finishing 22nd overall with fellow club member Kate Williams taking part in the Whistable event finishing in 23m:48s and 44th position.

Great Run Local – Ashford  –  Sunday 29th October 2017

Rob Barton finished 1st for the club and 2nd overall in the latest Great Run Local event in Kingsnorth in a time of 19m:53s.

By Mark Carlton

Great South Run – Sunday 22nd October 2017

Great South Run – Sunday 22nd  October 2017

A small contingent of Ashford & District runners braved a breezy south coast on Sunday morning to take on the Great South Run in Portsmouth.

The 10 mile event was completed first for the club by Ingvild Drake in 01h:22m:25s. Long-time club member , Steve Hickman finished in 01h:28m:51s competing in the colours of Isle of Wight RRC on this occasion with Jeremy Chambers crossing the line in 02h:23m:24s.

Ashford Parkrun  –  Saturday 21st October 2017

A wet and windy morning greeted 233 hardy souls on Saturday as storm Brian rattled into town.  Trevor Kay finished 2nd overall for Ashford & District RRC in a time of 17m:42s. Regular parkrun tourist Jon Wells returned home to finish 5th in 18m:48s with Rob Barton and Paul Moses completing the top 10 in 9th & 10th position in times of 19m:15s and 19m:38s respectively.

Scott Lynch (11th) 19m:38s, Mark Attenborough (14th) 20m:07s and Richard Baker (19th) 20m:36s all made it into the top 20. Pat Butler continued his return to form finishing in 28th in  21m:25s with Mark Harrison closely behind in 34th in 22m:04s.

James Chapman finished in 43rd position in a time of 22m:44s followed by Rod Kessack (45th) 22m:53s and Terry Sellen (46th) 22m:54s.

First lady home for the club was Sandi Mortimer in 75th and 10th lady overall in 25m:53s. William Whittington finished in 26m:36s (86th), Ann Fidge 29m:36s (134th), Julie Foster 35m:24s (212th) and Raymond Morley 37m:32s (220th).

Meanwhile Becky Hodgson battled the notorious Leas Cliff breeze by completing the Folkestone parkrun in 35m:16s, finishing 143rd overall.

By Mark Carlton