Country to Capital

Last weekend five club members (Steve, Neil, Helen, Eddie and Robin), accompanied by support crew Jan and Nigel, made their way to Aylesbury, Bucks for the start of the Country to Capital ultra; a 45-mile run from nearby Wendover to Little Venice in the heart of London. Staying overnight at the Holiday Inn was the perfect prep for the following day. All gathered at the Shoulder of Mutton pub, Wendover, in plenty of time for the 8:30 start. Following breakfasts of porridge and blueberry muffins to bacon rolls and cups of tea we ventured outside to brave the most bracing of conditions.

With the race kicking off five minutes late we surged down the high street not realising the snow would continue for the next 2 1/2 hours. Upwards to the top of the Chilterns and blizzard conditions ensured we were wide awake and freezing to boot! Navigating our way through 5 checkpoints encompassing 23 miles of cross country and another 20 or so of mind-numbing canal towpath. Ok, it was slightly short but no-one was complaining come the finish line. Pleased to say all five finished with no major mishaps bar four of us hitting the deck after slipping on ice. First back to the pub was Rob in 7:44 closely followed by Neil in 8:09. Steve joined us for the next round of drinks after finishing in 8:37 and Eddie wasn’t far behind in 8:51. Lastly and by no means least was Helen who took 10:09 by which time we’d managed to raise a resounding cheer! A great day was had by all with the biggest of thanks going to Jan and Nigel who braved the cold all day in support of our modest efforts!