The Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5k – Friday 20th July 2018
Dan Green clinched 2nd place at the Podplus Ashford Summer Series 5k and with it won the 5k series with one event to go. Green crossed the line in 18m:08s.
Club mate Rob Barton finished 6th in a time of 18m:50s. Rhian Shrimplin finished 11th in 22m:33s with Terry Sellen just behind in 23m:30s and Shaun Snowwolf in 25m:19s.
Parkrun -Saturday 21st July 2018
Whilst the Ashford Parkrun was postponed this week, many A&D runners travelled around Kent to get their 5k fix.
Jon Pearce travelled to Whitstable and finished in 1st place with a time of 17m:40s. He was followed by Scott Lynch in 20m:02s (10th) with Will Whittington in 26m:18s, Keith Lynn in 26m:44s and Emma Jenkins in 38m:35s.
Dan Green finished 1st in the Malling parkrun in a time of 18m:55s, meanwhile A&D juniors Thomas and Chloe Green finished in 21m:47s (23rd) and 29m:12s respectively.
Meanwhile at Folkestone parkrun, Don Dewar was 1st home for the club in 23m:11s followed by Philip Bridges in 23m:39s, Shaun Snowwolf 27m:25s and Terry Sellen in 33m:47s.
Lesley Moody 30m:32s, Becky Hodgson 30m:33s and Deborah Payne in 30m:53s ran the Pegwell Bay event.
Further afield, Rachel Jenkins ran the Hastings parkrun in 32m:58s, Gill O’Connor ran the Riddlesdown parkrun in 22m:50s (39th), Carl Ireland ran in Poole in a time of 22m:36s, Andrew Noble completed the Beeston parkrun in 19m:37s (13th) and Christine Costiff travelled to Melton Mowbray and finished in 22m:31s (17th).
By Mark Carlton