Race to the Stones 100k

Since the inaugural event in 2013, the Carphone Warehouse Race to the Stones has doubled in size with over 1,600 participants making their way 100km along the Ridgeway to the oldest stone circle in Europe at Avebury. Passing neolithic artefacts and hidden historical gems the route starting in Oxfordshire meanders along the Ridgeway through Berkshire and into Wiltshire. Of the 1,600 runners and walkers taking part, some will cover the full distance in one go, some split it up staying at the 50km basecamp and some just take on a 50km section of the route.

Four brave club members took on this challenge; Neil Buckley finishing 229th in 15:11:16, Amanda Bashford coming 337th in 17:29:02 and Helen Weeden a footstep behind in 17:29:03. Sadly Steve Hickman only managed to complete around 30 miles after suffering from heat exhaustion and illness. All should be commended for their efforts on what is undoubtedly a monster challenge taken on in the height of summer!