The Vanguard Way Marathon

The Vanguard Way Marathon – Sunday 5th August 2018

Christine Costiff and Gill O’Connor both ran the Vanguard Way Marathon on Sunday. The Vanguard trail runs for 66 miles from East Croydon to Newhaven. The hilly marathon route and hot conditions took its toll as Costiff completed the course in 5hrs:33m:20s and O’Connor finished in 6hrs:20m:30s.

Ashford Parkrun -Saturday 4th August 2018

Robert Latala returned to 5k action finishing 2nd at the latest parkrun. Latala crossed the line in 17m:14s. He was followed by fellow A&D club mates Trevor Kay in 18m:41s (4th) and Rob Barton, who set a new personal best of 18m:49s (5th).

Mark Harrison continued his good form and set a new personal best of 21m:03s (16th) followed by Mark Attenborough in 21m:09s (18th), Tom and Dan Green were up next in 22m:00s (23rd) and 22m:05s (25th) respectively.

Don Dewar finished in 22m:54s (37th) and Paul Brasington in 22m:59s (38th) with Mark Carlton in 23m:17s (42nd). Rob Carpenter crossed the line in 23m:28s (44th) and Terry Sellen in 23m:40s (46th).

Claire Green was the 1st lady home for the club in 24m:27s followed by Will Whittington in 24m:28s, Sandi Mortimer in 24m:38s, Keith Lynn 26m:10s, Steve Hickman 26m:40s, Lisa Jones in a PB of 26m:50s with Stu Nunn crossing the line at the same time.

Jaclyn Kay finished in 27m:22s followed by Simon Jackson in 29m:27s, Sophie Edmonds 29m:49s, Becky Hodson 31m:54s, Ann Fidge 32m:47s, Shelly Blake 33m:29s, Deborah Payne 34m:02s, Emma Jenkins 38m:59s, Julie Foster 45m:06s and Rachel Jenkins 45m:45s.

Meanwhile, Andrew Noble finished 5th in the Maldon Prom parkrun in 19m:33s and further afield, Jon Wells ran the Carrickfergus parkrun finishing 2nd in a time of 19m:23s.

By Mark Carlton