Two at Tanners 20

LDWA Tanners 20 – Sunday 19th January 2020

A&D duo Christine Costiff and Gill O’Connor made the most of the crisp winter weather at the 42nd Tanners 20 event, near Leatherhead.  Following frosty start just after 8am, the pair navigated their way between checkpoints in the Surrey countryside, running through mud and up hills, and climbing over styles. A perfect winter trail event, all round.

Parkrun – Saturday 18th January 2020

On the south coast, Andrew Noble (19.30) finished 8th overall at the Littlehampton Prom Parkrun.

A throng of A&D runners represented the club at the weekly 5K around Victoria Park. Trevor Kay, Carl Ireland, Linda-Jean Delport placed 4th, 11th and 14th, respectively. Rob Carpenter was 25th, followed by Don Dewar (23.22), Paul Brasington (23.49) and Stu Nunn (24.48). Will Whittington (25.04) and Rod Kessack (25.08) crossed the finish line in quick succession, with John Fidge (26.25) and Terry Sellen (26.56) close behind. Next home for the club was Trevor Sparkes (28.09), with Mark Harrison (28.35) and Laura Segust (28.50) hot on his heels. Rachel Jenkins (29.49) and Emma Jenkins (33.43) were next, whilst tail walkers Ann Fidge (58.57) and Julie Foster (58.58) completed the course together.