Race Report – 3rd June 2019

East Kent Road Relays, Minnis Bay – Tuesday 28th May 2019

The second inter-club relay race of the summer series took place in Minnis Bay on Tuesday evening, with 44 A&D runners competing. Despite strong competition and a coastal breeze on the night, the teams showed resolve to maintain their place in the standings.

In the A League, Senior Men are now fifth, with a standout performance from Julius Samson. Keith Haynes and Mark Harrison shaved vital seconds from their previous times on the course, whilst James Booth marked his relay debut; together with Rob Butler, the Vet 40 team placed second. The combined efforts of Andrew Noble, Scotty Lynch and Paul Moses brought the V50 Men to sit at the top of their category.

A League Senior Ladies placed fifth, with Elodie Paviot and Tracey Calnan showing great improvement. V35 ladies stand at fifth position in their rankings. V45 Ladies placed fourth, with both Gill O’Connor and Christine Costiff running outstanding legs.

In the B League, Senior Men are now sixth, with Neil Woodham putting in an impressive run. Showing admirable focus and determination, Stu Nunn, Darren Fagg, John Beale and Aaron Homewood brought V40 Men to the top of their category, winning over Thanet by 15 seconds. V50 Men returned to their winning ways, coming first on the night which has now placed them third overall. The V50 C team also put in a noteworthy performance, with course PBs from Will Whittington and Trevor Sparkes.

B League Senior Ladies claimed the top spot in their rankings, with Sarah Homewood beating her previous time by over a minute. Similarly, Emma Jenkins put in a remarkable performance and V35 Ladies are now in second place. V45 Ladies also sit at second place, with marked improvement from Sandi Mortimer and Lesley Moody.

SVN Spring Cakeathon – Monday 27th May 2019


In North Kent, two club members completed the SVN Spring Cakeathon on Bank Holiday Monday. Fuelled by cake on each lap, the rolling course was based on trail and cycle paths. Becky Hodgson ran five laps, totalling 16.4 miles in 3:59:56. In her first SVN event, Lisa Jones covered six laps, totalling 19.6 miles in a PB time of 4:24:00.




Near as Dammit 10K – Thursday 30th May 2019

Gill O’Connor travelled to the Farthing Downs midweek for the Near as Dammit 10K, a course featuring tough hills and uneven camber. Racing on a warm summer evening, O’Connor finished in 53:09.

Needles Half Marathon – Sunday 2nd June 2019

On the Isle of Wight, “one of the toughest and most scenic half-marathons in the country” promised a cross-country challenge for Steve Hickman. Negotiating hills, narrow paths and gates whilst taking in the stunning views offered along the course, Hickman crossed the finish line in 2:13:10.