Try Us Out / Membership

We have runners of every age and speed in our club; we are definitely not all super fast. Lots of our runners just come for a social run once a week or so and some don’t enter any races at all. We regularly have new people who come to try the club out.

However, unless you have been in a running club before, we realise it is difficult to know what to expect and it can be quite hard to pluck up the courage to come along. Some people we talk to are worried they will get left behind or that they will find themselves doing a speed session that is too much for them. That is definitely not true as we are club for all abilities.

The best thing to do is to come along to try us out so that you can see if we are right for you – you can turn up on any Tuesday and Thursday just before 7pm to join a regular session. Just drop an email to Ricky so that we know to look out for you and so we can give you more information about what to expect. It is usually better to try a Thursday first as then you can stay around for cake, tea and beer and meet club members in the bar afterwards. Joining our Facebook group is the best way of keeping up to date with what is going in the club – if you can’t find it, please email us.

You are welcome to try us out for three sessions before applying for membership. To apply, contact Ricky who will send you an application form. We vote new members into the club at the monthly committee meetings and we will ask you at this point for payment and give you information about kit etc. Subscriptions are payable, as applicable, on election and subsequently on 1st April each year. We will remind you when annual subscriptions are due and appreciate prompt payment.

Membership reduces on a quarterly basis for new Members joining during the year. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Ashford & District RRC’.

If at any time you need your UKA number, just email Mark at the above address.

Membership Subscriptions annual subs:

New member Apr – Jun Jul – Sep Oct – Dec Jan – Mar
Full member £40.00 £34.00 £28.00 £22.00
Non competitive/2nd claim £25.00 £18.75 £12.50 £6.25
Additional full member £25.00 £22.75 £20.50 £18.25